TEIS Advisory Board



The Advisory Board has developed the following organizing principles:

  1. TEIS workshop will focus on research based on analytical models.
  2. A single track for presentations, with ample time for presentation, discussion and question and answer. Approximately 40 minutes for presentation, 6 minutes for discussant and 14 for question and answer session.
  3. Presenters to be faculty members who are invited by the co-chairs.
  4. Invited faculty members may choose the research they wish to present provided it fits the objectives of the workshop.
  5. Invited faculty presenters may not ask students to present on their behalf.
  6. Co-chairs will assign a discussant for each presenter.
  7. The target audience for this workshop will be drawn from scholars who may currently attend the Workshop on Information Systems Economics (WISE), the Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS), Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST) and International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS).
  8. In order to allow for substantive discussion and improvement of work in progress, we generally prefer papers in the first round of review or earlier.
  9. The advisory board is the trustee/owner of the TEIS Workshop, website and other related material. The board oversees the selection of the teams organizing the workshop and advises them on execution.