TEIS 2020 Program

Given the prevailing realities and perceptions around Covid-19, TEIS 2020 has been moved to online format. The workshop will occur on Friday March 13th from at 8.45 am to 3pm PST.Participants may contact Zhe (James) Zhang to get connection information.

Instructions to use Zoom

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Friday March 13
8.45-9am (PST) Opening remarks
9-10.40am (PST) Session 1 video recording

"When Do Smart Contracts and IoT Improve Efficiency? Automated Execution vs. Increased Information"
Hanna Halaburda, New York University

"The Effect of Predictive Algorithm Design on Bias Against Consumers"
Amit Mehra, University of Texas Dallas

"Targeting Capability and Revenue Models in Mobile Advertising Networks under User Privacy Concerns"
Sridhar Narasimhan, Georgia Tech

10.40-11am (PST) Break
11am-12.40pm (PST) Session 2 video recording

"Competing in the Era of Supply Chain Transparency: A Tale of Information Disclosure and Supplier Switching"
De Liu, University of Minnesota

"Addressing Fairness in Machine Learning Predictions: Strategic Best-Response Fair Discriminant Removed Algorithm"
Karthik Kannan, Purdue University

"Consumer Self-Customizing Capability, Social Learning, and Competitive Product Strategies"
Jane Gu, University of Connecticut

12.40-1pm (PST) Break
1-2:05pm (PST) Session 3 video recording

"Digital Piracy and Bundling of Information Goods"SSRN link
Atanu Lahiri, University of Texas Dallas

"Breaking the trust-trap in IT Outsourcing"
Manu Goyal, University of Utah

2.05-2.20pm (PST) Closing remarks